Persuasion in our Media

Today’s Reflection:

Persuasive media messages: Were these mess messages effective in their attempts to persuade you? Why were these messages effective or not?

We all come across persuasive media messages every day through different news medias and through different forms. The most common form of this is advertisements, but it can also come in other ways, such as someone expressing their ideas on a subject and wanting you to join their ideas.

The persuasive messages I came across recently varied, as well, as some managed to meet their goal of persuasion and some did not. First of all, I found the internet advertisements I came across to be the most persuasive. Although they didn’t fully persuade me (even though that’s more of a monetary problem!), I feel that they were very near doing so. I feel that these persuaded me the most because they had the most direct target audience. I’m not 100% sure as to how it’s done, and I assume that it gathers information from your searches made, but a lot of the advertisements I came across had interested me. If the target audience is actually on target, then the advertisement can mean more to the people. If the target audience is not hit, then the audience will be completely untinterested.

On the other hand, I found some of the television advertisements I came across to be unable to persuade me. I feel that this is because of two reasons, with the first being an unappealing message. Some of the advertisements I was not interested in. With television advertisements, there is a much broader audience, meaning you either make the target audience wide, or you narrow it down and miss often. Secondly, I feel that I have gained a bit of a shield against television advertisements, always joking around with the “But wait, there’s more!” concept. Because of this, I have not taken most of these advertisements seriously.

In the end, not all advertisements may be persuasive, but, again, that is primarily up to the person that is being persuaded!

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